Essentials You Will Need To Be A Successful Clothing Brand Owner

Label printer: $100 -200 -Needed to print out your shipping labels. Requires no ink just the labels and overall just makes shipping so much easier.

Polymailers: $10-$50 -Used to pack your orders, cheaper and lighter than boxes, pretty essential to ship out clothes 

Shopify/ website: $35/month Shopify is the best website platform to use and manage your clothing brand’s website. Most brand owners uses it so you should too

Shopify Theme: $50-$300 : Shopify has some free themes but they don’t look nice and could hurt your sales, these themes are the best ones out there and pretty clean.

Adobe photoshop: $22.99/month Best design platform out to create your designs or mockups.

Quality Manufacturers: You will need to find good manufacturers to bring your ideas/designs to life

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